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Karianne Andreassen is a Norwegian freelance dance artist based between Oslo and Tromsø, Norway. She works predominantly with dance theatre, but has extensive experience in drama, performance, dance photography and dance on screen. 

Since gaining her BA Hons in Theatre Dance from London Studio Centre in 2015 she has worked with choreographers and companies like Panta Rei Dance Theatre, Yaniv Cohen, Simone Grøtte, Hålogaland Theatre, Mathilde Caeyers, Katma and The Royal Opera Covent Garden to name a few. 

The past two years Karianne has also created her own works. One of the works, OPP/HAV (Eng: Oceanic Origin) is an interdisciplinary art project about her connection to the ocean and how it has shaped her identity growing up in the Arctic. Using freediving as her research method she creates dance material and draws inspiration from her experiences under water. So far, OPP/HAV exists in two formats: as a dance solo performed in water, which premiered at CODA warmupfest 2020 - Oslo International Dance Festival, and as a short documentary film. 


As an artist Karianne is interested in the relationship between the performer and the spectator, and how the physical body is interpreted in different performance spaces. She has a special interest in dance theatre, drawing parallels between the abstract and narration to create a unique physical stage presence.

Karianne is a member of Norske Dansekunstnere and sits on the board of Forum for Nordnorske dansekunstnere (FNND). 

* Password available upon request.

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